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HemaGo™ helps you enhance the way
you manage life with hemophilia

Keeping track of life with hemophilia may seem overwhelming. HemaGo™ was created with the support of people with hemophilia to help you more easily manage the important details of living with hemophilia.

With HemaGo™,
you can easily:

  • Manage details about treatments, bleeds, and more for multiple profiles from a personal computer or a mobile device
  • Track when and how much factor was used and the reason for infusion
  • Record type, location, duration, frequency, and status of bleeds
  • Log life experiences, such as pain and health scores or how hemophilia has affected work, school, or other activities
  • Set mobile reminders for treatment schedules
  • Get in-depth reports for all recorded information
  • Share any of the information you record with your hemophilia care team

HemaGo™ can change what is possible with hemophilia

Once HemaGo™ is part of your hemophilia management plan, you can more easily maintain accurate, up-to-date records on your or your children’s hemophilia. It can also help you work closely with your hemophilia care team to make decisions that meet your individual needs.

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