The following information applies to patients with congenital hemophilia A or B with or without inhibitors. Click here for congenital factor VII deficiency or acquired hemophilia.


Health insurance can be confusing and complicated for people with hemophilia with inhibitors, acquired hemophilia, or congenital factor VII deficiency. You may have questions about your policy, premiums, and coverage. And we have answers.

Insurance coordination

No matter how difficult insurance may be to understand, there are people and tools that can help you simplify the process. By registering for SevenSECURE®, you gain assistance with insurance questions and reimbursement through RxCrossroads.

Patient Services Incorporated (PSI) is available for financial assistance—evaluating an individual's financial, medical, and insurance situation to determine who is eligible for premium or copayment assistance. Learn more about the services through SevenSECURE®.

Healthcare reform and you

The Affordable Care Act puts individuals and families in control of their healthcare, reducing premium costs for millions of working families as well as reducing what families will have to pay by capping out-of-pocket expenses.

Due to the high cost of care, hemophilia may be a target for the cost-cutting efforts of the healthcare reform. You and your family could experience changes in payment or insurance coverage expansion as a result of the Act. See what implementation means for your state